Canal Ostróda – Elbląg

Ostróda – Elbląg Canal, called also Elbląg Canal, is the unique water system connecting several Western Masurian Lakes with Vistula Bay. The orginality of the system depends on the harnessing the natural in this region water levels difference of 100 m into the system of locks and skipways. The last ones are the rail lift devices mechanically driven by water power. This world standard monument of the hydrotechnical art designed by Dutch engineer Jakob Georg Steenke in the beginning of XIX century on the court of Frederick I and II for the economical purpose of water connecting of East Prussia (German: “Oberland”) with Baltic Sea – waited almost 20 years for the beginning of the construction , (1825-1844).

Every year thousands of tourists – passengers of excursion ships and individual lovers of aquatic admire the unique values of nature and landscape. Despite of so big mass of nature amateurs the human interference in the natural environment doesn’t put in danger the coexistence of hundreds of species of flora and fauna living in the reserves, landscape parks and in mentioned above protected areas. The exploration of the existing here nature riches and the experience of esthetic impressions are possible particularly during the quiet cruises on the canal and the biking rides on the numerous wandering routes existing in the communes: Elbląg, Rychliki, Pasłęk, Miłomłyn and Ostróda.