Malbork Castle is one of the most impressive sights in Poland and a definite “must visit” if you come to Gdansk. The small town of Malbork is some 60 kilometres to the south-west of Gdansk and a private chauffeured limousine/bus is the most convenient way of getting there. We offer courteous English-speaking drivers who will take you there quickly and safely.

In the period 1274-1457, Malbork (Marienburg in German) was the residence of the Grand Master of the Cross – and of the Teutonic Knights.

 This is the biggest medieval fortress in Europe and it has been included by UNESCO on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The amalgamation of three castle buildings is encircled by strong defensive walls with huge gates and mighty towers. The guided tour of the interiors will lead you to the large refectory, kitchen, chapel, dormitory, stately halls, and the sentinel points on the battlements. Apart from its fine Gothic interiors and design details, the castle contains a collection of amber jewellery, artistic handcrafts, porcelain, Gothic sculptures and historic weapons.

As an extra, on the way you can stop in the beautiful Zulawy Wislane region to admire some lovely wooden houses built by Dutch settlers in the 17th century. The area is near the Vistula River, and at 2 metres below sea level it is the lowest place in Poland.