Longest Plank in the World, UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE, Kaszuby

Wieżyca mountain, situated in the Szymbarskie Mountain range in the Kaszuby region, is a special place not just for Kaszuby and Poland, but for Europe as well. There is no higher elevation on this geographical latitude in the whole Central European Lowland, from the Atlantic to the Ural Wieżyca. Surprisingly it is 329 metres above sea level, although it is just 50 km from the sea. This is the heart and geographical centre of Kaszuby, which consists of 9 Pomeranian counties:Bytowski, Chojnicki, Gdański, Kartuski, Kościerski, Lęborski, Pucki, Słupski, Wejherowski. Kaszuby towns have been competing for the title of capital of the region since the 19th century.Is Kartuzy the capital of Kaszuby? Or is it Kościerzyna, Wejherowo or Puck? Or maybe Gdańsk, where the Kaszuby princes are buried? This competition will never be resolved. It is often said that the Kaszuby capital is where the visitors who are interested in Kaszuby are, and thus also here, where you are at the present.

We joke that the Longest Plank in the World is the ninth treasure of Kaszuby. There is something in this, because we live in a world where the good promotion of any idea is the condition for its success. And as this is the case, we decided to make the Education and Region Promotion Centre a place that would be famous from its very beginning. We found in the old Kaszubian forest a huge Douglas spruce and we beat the Austrian wood cutters, who were in The Guinness Book of Records for the longest plank in the world. We added nearly more 3 metres to their record and as the Guinness Book of Records has 100 000 copies published, we definitely had a good start! This plank was not a coincidence as we are building wooden houses near the Centre. Our record plank is 36 m and 83 cm long! Its average thickness is 6-7 cm and it weighs over 1 100 kg (1.42 m³). Some 50 men had to lift it to hangit on the wall!

The Siberian Deportee House, i.e. the wooden house transported from Irkutsk and reassembled in Szymbark evokes great astonishment or even disbelief from visitors! The Famous Polish traveller, Roman Koperski, during one of his trips to Siberia heard a quiet request of Poles living in Siberia, the descendants of Siberian deportees, to bring them from Poland “a piece of the Homeland”

A house put on its roof driven into the ground? Does not make any sense? You can’t ive in such a house.… Are you sure? You live every day at home, which is called a world. At home, where people are killing each other every day in the cruellest ways possible, thers show on TV screens the news and receive awards for the story. At home, where some people are going out of their mind because of any kind of excess and dream about a pill that would provide them with immortality, while others are going out of their mind because of poverty and the suffering of their family.

At home, where there is no lack of symbols of freedom, democracy, where organisations operate with exceptionally noble intentions, while the at the same time entire nations are being slaughtered. Thus it is not true that a man cannot live in an upside-down house, in a house on its roof. This is our world, our home, that’s how we live…