Longest Plank in the World, UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE, Kaszuby

Wieżyca mountain, situated in the Szymbarskie Mountain range in the Kaszuby region, is a special place not just for Kaszuby and Poland, but for Europe as well. There is no higher elevation on this geographical latitude in the whole Central European Lowland, from the Atlantic to the Ural Wieżyca. Surprisingly it is 329 metres above sea level, although it is just 50 km from the sea. This is the heart and geographical centre of Kaszuby, which consists of 9 Pomeranian counties:Bytowski, Chojnicki, Gdański, Kartuski, Kościerski, Lęborski, Pucki, Słupski, Wejherowski. Kaszuby towns have been competing for the title of capital of the region since the 19th century.Is Kartuzy the capital of Kaszuby? Or is it Kościerzyna, Wejherowo or Puck? Or maybe Gdańsk, where the Kaszuby princes are buried? This competition will never be resolved. It is often said that the Kaszuby capital is where the visitors who are interested in Kaszuby are, and thus also here, where you are at the present.


Canal Ostróda – Elbląg

Ostróda – Elbląg Canal, called also Elbląg Canal, is the unique water system connecting several Western Masurian Lakes with Vistula Bay. The orginality of the system depends on the harnessing the natural in this region water levels difference of 100 m into the system of locks and skipways. The last ones are the rail lift devices mechanically driven by water power. This world standard monument of the hydrotechnical art designed by Dutch engineer Jakob Georg Steenke in the beginning of XIX century on the court of Frederick I and II for the economical purpose of water connecting of East Prussia (German: “Oberland”) with Baltic Sea – waited almost 20 years for the beginning of the construction , (1825-1844).




Malbork Castle is one of the most impressive sights in Poland and a definite “must visit” if you come to Gdansk. The small town of Malbork is some 60 kilometres to the south-west of Gdansk and a private chauffeured limousine/bus is the most convenient way of getting there. We offer courteous English-speaking drivers who will take you there quickly and safely.

In the period 1274-1457, Malbork (Marienburg in German) was the residence of the Grand Master of the Cross – and of the Teutonic Knights. (more…)

Stutthof, Krynica Morska, Westerplatte

Stutthof (Sztutowo) is some 35 kilometres to the east of Gdansk. In 1939-1945 it was one of the cruellest of Nazi camps, and was established to round up and annihilate the Polish opposition in the Gdansk region – but after 1942 it became one of the extermination camps for the Final Solution.  

Over 100,000 people were kept in the camp, and the number of dead is estimated at 65-85,000. Stutthof became infamous by Rudolf Spanner’s factory that produced soap from human fat. The atrocious conditions in the camp are commemorated by the Council of Martyrdom. (more…)